How to Take Headshot and Bio Photos for Websites and Marketing Communications

As a web designer, I frequently receive headshot photos and other bio images to place on “about us” or “our team” web pages. More often than not, these are taken with someone’s mobile device, and the quality is, well… crappy. This is not due to the quality of the camera—because let’s face it, cell phone…

Mobile-Friendly Test – How will Google’s update affect my website?

Google has modified their search algorithm again and in view of their big update on April 21 (see links below), this will impact all websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. You can check your website by putting your URL through a Google Mobile-Friendly Test and check whether your website is ready to face Google’s update: » Check…

GoPro Hero 3+ Black: Down and Dirty Photo Quality Review

Aerial Photo

Just a quick photo-only quality review on the GoPro Hero 3+ Black. Disclaimer: I’m not a commercial photographer by trade, but rather an art director who is well versed in photography at a semi-pro level. I’ll leave the video review for someone who knows that realm better. A GoPro is great for what it is…

Building Your Brand: Business Podcast

Entrepreneur Exchange: Building Your Brand

I was recently invited to be a guest co-host on “Entrepreneur Exchange”—an internet audio show (podcast) on themesh.tv. It was recorded last Friday and officially released today for download and your listening pleasure. To listen to the show, go to: Entrepreneur Exchange: Building Your Brand   It was a great discussion hosted by Jeff Neuville, Director…

Facebook’s Update to Timeline for Business Pages

Facebook Cover Photo Branding Example

This is an update to my original article below from 2012. Most of the content is still very relative, however since Facebook changes things up (almost monthly it seems!) I felt it best to quickly provide a link to a recent article from Social Media Examiner that covers the latest 2014 update in more detail….