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How to Take Headshot and Bio Photos for Websites and Marketing Communications

As a web designer, I frequently receive headshot photos and other bio images to place on “about us” or “our team” web pages. More often than not, these are taken with someone’s mobile device, and the quality is, well… crappy. This is not due to the quality of the camera—because let’s face it, cell phone…

Mobile-Friendly Test – How will Google’s update affect my website?

Google has modified their search algorithm again and in view of their big update on April 21 (see links below), this will impact all websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. You can check your website by putting your URL through a Google Mobile-Friendly Test and check whether your website is ready to face Google’s update: » Check…

Using WordPress for Your Small Business

Using WordPress for Small Business

This article is from a “how-to” seminar for small business owners and prospective business owners who have not used WordPress before. The goal of the seminar was to teach participants how to use and navigate WordPress—from understanding web hosting options, to choosing a theme, to inserting text and images, and even using WordPress as a…

User Storyboards for Website Design

Website User Storyboard

In the web/app/software development world, a traditional “user story” is composed of several statements in which deliverables portray “As a <type of user>, I want <some goal> so that <some reason>.” In other words, what a user wishes to accomplish and why. Likewise, for design and layout purposes, I like to develop what I call…

Hickory NC Graphic Designer Wins Award for Responsive Web Site

Responsive Web Design & Development for KGP Logistics

HICKORY, NC        Matt Everley, of Hickory, NC-based graphic design studio m.e.designlab, was recently selected as a winner for a 2013 American Graphic Design Award by a nationwide panel of judges. The award recognizes excellence in communication and graphic design.