DIY Search Engine Optimization vs. Professional SEO

Taken from email to Monita Lawing
SEO is a huge endeavor, so full analytics on a set of 10-15 keywords/terms would be $1,500. Most of this fee is for the analysis and recommendations for the keywords. It would also include placing those words in meaningful titles, descriptions, headlines, alt image tags and so forth throughout the site up to around 5-8 of pages. That being said, a good level of SEO can be obtained by being vigilant when creating pages to include meaningful titles, descriptions, headlines, alt image tags, etc. using words you “think” the public would use to find your site. (The analysis would tell us for sure which words are being searched the most, plus their “value” related to other words. Keep in mind this changes with search trends and user behavior, which is why it is important to keep running analysis every 3, 6 or 12 months.) If you wanted me to do the latter service—SEO without analysis—it would be around $50–$100/page.

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